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How does InstantPhotoLive work?

Glad you asked! InstantPhotoLIve is essentially an extension of Dropbox. For each different event, you create a different folder. Every image that is uploaded to that folder will show up when guests enter the password on your InstantPhotoLive page.

So for example let’s say you’re at a wedding for the Smith family. From your GUEST’S point of view, they hop out of the photobooth laughing and YOU say, “Hey! Pull out your phones. You can see your images right away, just go to this website (your personal InstantPhotoLive link) and enter password SMITH.”

From their point of view, it’s as easy as that. They go to the website, enter the password and immediately they can see and download their own photos to easily share on social media! No more iPad kiosk lines, no more extra equipment. The phone in their pocket is all you need.

How Do I Test This?
  1. Click on Manage and connect your Dropbox.
  2. Create a folder in Dropbox with the name “Test” (and make sure it isn’t inside any other folders)
  3. Put a few small photos inside that “Test” folder
  4. Come back to the InstantPhotoLive Manage page and add that Test folder to InstantPhotoLive
  5. Click on your InstantPhotoLive link (which is at the top of your manage page) and enter password “Test”
  6. You will see the images that you placed inside the Test folder!

For each event, create a new folder. At the event, make sure to save photos to that specific Dropbox folder and everything else will be taken care of! If you need help setting up Dropbox, read below.

Automatically Uploading To Dropbox

Make sure FIRST that you have installed Dropbox on your computer. The link to download Dropbox is here:

Once you’ve installed Dropbox, you should be able to save photos to your specific Dropbox folder as a Windows or Mac folder. Dropbox does all the heavy lifting as far as uploading it to the service!

Do I Need To Purchase Anything Else?

No! That’s the beauty of this software. Everyone has a phone with a screen in their pocket, so there’s no need for an iPad or any other hardware.

Do I Need Internet At The Event To Use This?

Yes! If you’re worried about using a lot of data, make sure you’re saving photos with compression. If you need help, please reach out! We can help you optimize your images to upload fast and not eat up as much data.